baner medycynakotow 2017 ENWe are happy to announce that the agenda for "Feline Medicine" with Susan Little and Margie Scherk is available now at the VetCo's website:…/conferences-…/feline-medicine/program 

We encourage you to get a look at it!

See you at the Feline Medicine!

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We are very happy to inform you that it is now possible to register for our next conferences: Feline Medicine, Small Animal Cardiology, Small Animal Nephrology and Urology.

As before we have invited outstanding specialists-clinicians and some authors of textbooks, which are used in teaching environment for veterinarians worldwide!

It is a great opportunity to widen your knowledge and use the great experience of our lecturers. Don’t miss it!

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The ESVNU are pleased to announce that there will be a pre-congress day on Wednesday 13th September 2017 in Malta before the main ECVIM programme starts. We are excited to have an excellent panel of speakers joining us from Europe (Dr Zoe Halfacree, Dr Randi Drees, Dr Iveta Becvarova) and USA (Dr Larry Adams, Dr Urs Giger, Dr Jane Robertson). Information on the programme can be found at and

We will also have our usual Nephrology and Urology stream at the main ECVIM congress where our key speakers include Dr Michaelangelo Campanella, Dr Jessica Quimby and Dr Luca Aresu with a theme of renal ageing. Further information about registering for ECVIM congress can be found at

International 3-Day Workshop „ Fundamentals of Small Animal Dentistry and Oral Surgery” is the first meeting in this kind provided by VetCo in a professional Medical Education Centre CEMED in Warsaw, Poland. Workshop had been provided by world veterinary dentistry leaders: Boaz Arzi from VMTH University of California, Davis and Santiago Peralta from Cornell University Hospital for Animals. Fourteen Veterinarians from Poland, Finland, Estonia and Israel took part in it. They showed great commitment and quickly absorbed the presented knowledge, finally obtaining a certificate! 

Workshop was very successful thanks to companies who provided the best available dental equipment and instruments: Hu-Friedy (dental equipment), Kol-Dental Plandent Division (dental X-ray, equipment), HEINE Optotechnik (surgical lamps) and Zurmed (dental units), Hurtownia Weterynaryjna KOLME (additional materials) and support of Scanvet Poland.

We are organizing the next edition of the workshop. If you want to take a part, please let us know via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The date and other details will be send by e-mail.




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We are happy to inform that the schedule for "Small Animal Cardiology" with Sonya Gordon and Matt Miller is available at our website: Conferences -> Small Animal Cardiology -> Program or

We encourage you to get a look at it!

Goggs newcroppedDr Goggs clinical research interests include platelet dysfunction, feline and canine thromboembolic disease, and canine IMHA and IMTP. In his PhD he investigated roles of the small G-proteins in the regulation of platelet shape change and secretion.

Article “Pulmonary Thromboembolism”, written with Livia Benigni, Virginia Luis Fuentes and Daniel L. Chan, is available on the University of Pennsylvania website. It contains the pathophysiology, clinical signs, diagnostic modalities, and therapeutic options for pulmonary thromboembolism (PTE) in small animals.

Enjoy reading!


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Do you want to know:

*How to create anesthetic protocols?
*How to properly monitor patient during anesthesia?
*How to anesthetize emergency patients
*How to anesthetize patients with: 
• respiratory disease?
• cardiac disease?
• hematologic disease?

16998761 999303986868669 4677143494931128114 nDid you know that Philipp Mayhew and Michele Steffey from University of California in Davis pioneered the intraoperative use of near-infrared imaging? Just after promising results of their innovative treatments other veterinary schools also purchased similar specialistic equipment.

sunnyDr. William Culp, a board-certified surgeon (ACVS) from University of California in Davis, will visit Poland for the first time!

deboerdDouglas DeBoer is the world-renowned expert in veterinary dermatology. His clinical interests are mainly atopic dermatitis and recurrent bacterial skin infections.

He is one of the specialists who created the first guidelines for the treatment of canine atopic dermatitis – „Treatment of canine atopic dermatitis: 2010 clinical practice guidelines from the International Task Force on Canine Atopic Dermatitis”. This document, updated in 2015, is the primary and indispensable source of informations about the treatment of atopic dermatitis (CAD).

Do you know that David Biller prepared for you about 400 RTG, USG, MRI and CT images?

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