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Research shows, that we should consider the risk associated with ticks in cats more carefully.


proves, that chocolate Labradors tend to live shorter than their yellow and black counterparts.

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„One Health” is at it’s heart the initiative which aim is to fight the most important problems, that the world, people, animals and the environment need to deal with. Problems such as antimicrobial resistance, climate change, animal welfare, fair trade and food safety. In many of the above, veterinarians play a vital role. Which role? We decided to choose few examples, that aren’t sometimes obvious.

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AT-121 - hope for a new painkiller with no side effects!
A study on monkeys shows, that there’s a chance for a new opioid meeting all our expectations. Mei-Chuan (Holden) K, a scientist from Wake Forest University, and medical chemist Nurulain Zaveri, a founder of Astraea Therapeutics in California, had developed a chemical compound called AT-121.

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Did you know, that a few days ago, British vet and scientist was awarded by Lasker Foundation? He was honoured Laser biomedical research prize for a discovery of a breakthrough anaesthetic for inducing people. That drug is just an ordinary, well known to every veterinarian, propofol!

Koty 2018 EN 2Registration for “Feline Medicine” conference is open now! Let’s meet on September 8th-9th.

Hills Gastroenterologia i intensywna terapia EN

We are happy to present another conference of VetCo Academy 2018: „Gastroenterology and Critical Care”

Ulotka Ortopedia 2018 ENGWe are happy to announce that outstanding Professors from the best world-renowned universities: UC Davis and Cornell are presenting at VetCo International Conference “Small Animal Orthopedics”.

Neurologia i radiologia

We have great pleasure to present the most awaited conference of the VetCo Academy 2018: Neurology and Radiology on April 21th and 22th in Warsaw.

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For the first time at the VetCo “Exotic Pet Medicine” conference on April 14th and 15th 2018 in Warsaw.