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Ludovica Chiavaccini, DVM, DES MS, DACVAA, Clinical Associate Professor in Anaesthesiology

Ludovica Chiavaccini, an ACVAA board-certified anesthesiologist, graduated from the University of Pisa in 2003, holding a veterinary acupuncture certification in 2004. After several years of equine veterinary practice, she earned a Master's at Colorado State University (2010) and completed a veterinary anesthesia and analgesia residency at Mississippi State University. A Diplomate since 2015, Ludovica was Assistant Professor in Clinical Anesthesia at the University of Pennsylvania (2016-2018). She was then part of the anesthesia team at North Carolina State University for a few years, before joining the University of Florida as Associate Clinical Professor in Anesthesia and Pain Management in 2021.

Lodovica’s influence extends beyond academia; she's an Associate Editor for Elsevier Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia (2018), at-Large BOD member for North America Veterinary Anesthesia Society from January 2024, and an instructor for Narkovet Consulting® LLC since 2016. Additionally, she serves as a consultant in veterinary anesthesia and analgesia for VCA since 2018. Her research interests focus on understanding pain mechanisms in animals and novel techniques of loco-regional anesthesia.

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Arianna Negrin, DVM, PhD, MSE, DECVN, Clinical Associate Professor in Neurology

Dr Negrin grew up in Padua, Veneto, Italy and graduated from University of Padua in 2003. After a period in general practice, she completed a one-year Internship in Veterinary Neurology at The Royal Veterinary College (RVC), UK. She subsequently completed a PhD at University of Padua in collaboration with RVC. In 2010, Dr. Negrin moved to the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain, where she completed a three-years Conforming Residency in Neurology. She became European Veterinary Specialist in Neurology (ECVN) in 2012. Dr Negrin has been working as Specialist Consultant or Head of the Service in the major Neurology Services between Italy and UK. From 2016 to 2019, She was also Hon. Associate Professor in Veterinary Neurology at University of Nottingham. In 2016, she was awarded the RCVS Specialist in Veterinary Neurology. In 2021 we completed a Master in Special Education. Since 2023 Dr Negrin has been an Associate Professor at UF. Dr Negrin is an international recognized specialist, frequently invited speakers to major international conferences and authors of international publications and books. Dr. Negrin’s main fields of interest are feline neurology and neurological emergencies. Dr Negrin is fluent in Italian, English, Spanish and Catalan. In her free time she loves learning new languages and volunteer at the local Catholic parish with her husband and her little daughter.