Urszula Bartoszuk

Urszula Bartoszuk, DVM PhD,  graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Warsaw  University of Life Sciences in 2002, reciving the title of doctor of veterinary medicine. Due to her interest in cardiology and thoracic surgery, shortly after graduation, she began a doctorate in surgery of autologous muscle stem cells. While working on a doctorate, all the time she worked clinically reciving patients every day and still studying in the field of veterinary cardiology, taking part in numerous conferences, symposia and scientific meetings. In 2007/08 she spent 16 months in a clinic in Milan finishing the internship and working with many prominent European experts in the field of veterinary cardiology. After the end of internship, since 2009, she consults regulary cardiac patients in Warsaw, and in the years 20011-2012 at the Department of the Faculty of Medicine Weterynarryjnej FU Berlin, being there a consultant in cardiology of small animals. In 2013, she got a place in the european specialization program in the field of cardiology and currently Urszula Bartoszuk is a resident of ECVIM-CA Cardiology (European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine? Companian Animals, Cardiology) in Zurich.

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