Joanna Sanford

Laboratory and Umbilical Cord Blood Bank Director. She has many years of experience in conducting international scientific projects and clinical reaserch carried out in research institutions in Germany, the United States and Poland. While working in the Umbilical Cord Blood Bank and Laboratory of Cell Therapy, functioning at the Centre of Oncology in Warsaw, she attended, among others, in the program of transplantation of stem cells in people with hematological diesiese and use their own stem cells from adipose tissue for reconstruction capillaries to maintain the implants after mastectomy. She participated in an international project of the reconstruction of the jaw bone using stem cells. She has a well-established knowledge in the field of immunology, virology, immunohematologii, microbiology, cryopreservation, and signal transduction. Founder of Florida Foundation of Stem Cells Research and Development, a partner of clinics using the latest developments in stem cell therapy. She is a member of the Society for the Laboratory Animal Sciences.

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