Richard W. Nelson

Prof. Richard Nelson specializes in clinical endocrinology in small animals. In years 1982-89 he was a lecturer of Purdue University - School of Veterinary Medicine, then he joined the group of distinguished scientists at the University of California, Davis, where he works to this day - as a university teacher and the director of the Small Animal Clinic VMTH Davis. In his research, he is particularly interested in issues related to diabetes, hypothyroidism and adrenal diseases in dogs and cats. He is the author of many scientific reports and co-author of two appreciated books: "Canine and Feline Reproduction and Endocrynology" with Edward Feldman and "Small Animal Internal Medicine," with Guillermo Couto. This last item has been translated Polish language entitled "Choroby wewnętrzne małych zwierząt" and is very popular among Polish veterinarians.
Professor Nelson is also a respected lecturer in the world.

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Additional Info

  • Imię: Richard W.
  • Nazwisko: Nelson
  • Tytuł naukowy: DVM, DACVIM
  • Uczelnia / klinika: UC Davis University
  • Lata wizytacji w Polsce: 2011
  • Wydarzenia w Polsce:

    Small Animal Endocrinology


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