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Vail 2David M. Vail, Diplomate ACVIM (Oncology) 

wisconsin maddison

Professor and Barbara A. Suran Chair in Comparative Oncology School of Veterinary Medicine and the Carbone Comprehensive Cancer Center University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Dr. Vail received his DVM from the University of Saskatchewan in 1984 and subsequently completed an internship in small animal medicine and surgery at Colorado State University (CSU) prior to practicing in his native western Canada for two years.  He followed up with a residency in Medical Oncology at the Animal Cancer Center at CSU, completed in 1990.  He is currently Professor and Barbara A. Suran Chair in Comparative Oncology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a member of the UW Carbone Comprehensive Cancer Center.  Dr. Vail has published over 150 peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts and 50 book chapters in the field of veterinary and comparative oncology.  David is co-editor of the textbook Small Animal Clinical Oncology.  He has served in the past as President of the Veterinary Cancer Society, Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Boards for both the Morris Animal Foundation and the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine Foundation, President of the Canine Comparative Oncology and Genomics Consortium (CCOGC), and North American journal editor for Veterinary and Comparative Oncology. He is a founding member of the Comparative Oncology Trials consortium.  Dr. Vail has been honored as the recipient of both the Mark L. Morris Sr. Distinguished Research Award and the Pfizer Award for Veterinary Research Excellence.


Thamm finalDouglas H. Thamm, VMD, DACVIM (Oncology)

Colorado State

Dr. Thamm is the Barbara Cox Anthony Professor of Oncology and Director of Clinical Research at the Colorado State University Flint Animal Cancer Center. He is also a member of the Developmental Therapeutics Section of the University of Colorado Comprehensive Cancer Center and the Cell and Molecular Biology Graduate Program at Colorado State University.

He has authored over 150 peer-reviewed publications and 20 book chapters in veterinary and basic cancer research, is Co-Editor for the upcoming edition of Withrow and MacEwen’s Small Animal Clinical Oncology, and is Co-Editor-In-Chief of the journal Veterinary and Comparative Oncology.  His clinical and research interests include novel targeted therapies for animal and human cancer and ways to integrate these therapies with existing treatment.