16998761 999303986868669 4677143494931128114 nDid you know that Philipp Mayhew and Michele Steffey from University of California in Davis pioneered the intraoperative use of near-infrared imaging? Just after promising results of their innovative treatments other veterinary schools also purchased similar specialistic equipment.

Near-infrared is not visible to the human eye without special imaging systems but it travels through tissue and fat easily. This property has been used by surgeons to visualize what’s underneath.

More information about the procedure with use of near-infrared at: http://veterinarynews.dvm360.com/uc-davis-veterinarians-use…

Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery
April 8-9, 2017
William Culp & Philipp Mayhew
Airport Hotel Okęcie, Warsaw, Poland

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