Agnieszka Neska-Suszyńska

Agnieszka Neska-Suszyńska specializes in the treatment of patients with kidney and urinary tract diseases, as well as endocrine disorders. In her Referral Veterinary Clinic SpecVet in Ursynów, Warsaw, she consults nephrology cases from all over Poland, provides a modern and comprehensive diagnosis and advanced treatment, including renal replacement therapy (hemodialysis).

Agnieszka Neska-Suszyńska earned her DVM degree from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Warsaw 2006. Soon after, she was deepening her skills under the guidance of the best American internists at the clinic AMC in New York and at the University of California in Davis. During those internships she assisted in pioneering clinical researches, consulted unusual cases of kidney disorders or poisonings and carried out specialized therapies, including hemodialysis and other detoxification techniques.

Research interests: detoxification techniques, transplantation of kidneys, glomerulonephritis, renal background anemia.


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