Joseph Bartges

Joseph Bartges is Professor of Medicine and Nutrition at the Department of Clinical Sciences Small Animals at the University of Tennessee. Title of veterinarian he recived in 1987 at the University of Georgia, and he defended his doctoral thesis in 1993 at the University of Minnesota, where he also held an internship in the field of medicine and surgery of small animals and residency in the field of internal medicine and nutrition of small animals. Prof. Bartges in 1995 recived the title of Qualified Specialist ACVIM (Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine) and Qualified Specialist ACVN (Diplomate of Amercian College of Veterinary Nutrition). He is a member of the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association), AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association), and since 2006 ASVNU (American Society of Veterinary Nephrology and Urology). His clinical interests focus on internal medicine with a focus on urology and nephrology and clinical nutrition and its role in the treatment of diseases. In his research he focuses on diseases of the urinary tract, especially urolithiasis; urinary tract infections, renal failure, and on idiopathic diseases of the lower urinary tract in cats, essentiality of feeding in prevention of disises, diseases of the urinary system - in particular on the development and assessment of disease models, metabolism and nutrition in obesity, hepatic lipidosis, and disorders in lipid metabolism. Prof. Bartges is the author of numerous scientific articles and co-author of textbooks Nephrology and Urology of Small Animals, which he wrote with David Polzin and Nestle Purina Petcare Handbook of Canine and Feline Clinical Nutrition co-authored by Scott Campbell and Rebecca Remillard.

Additional Info

  • Imię: Joseph
  • Nazwisko: Bartges
  • Tytuł naukowy: BS, DVM, Ph.D., DACVIM, DACVN
  • Uczelnia / klinika: University of Tennessee
  • Lata wizytacji w Polsce: 2014
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