Jack Snyder

Dr. Jack Snyder is a certified surgeon ACVS, equine sports medicine specialist, lecturer and Head of Horses Surgery at the University of California in Davis. Dr. Snyder has an international reputation as an outstanding horses surgeon, practicing for over 30 years around the world, finding also time for scientific work. Dr. Snyder is the author of hundreds of publications and articles. Five times he was the chief physician of the Olympic Games, responsible for the control of horses and commanding a team of doctors, dealing with emergency treatment of fractures and injuries, or colic.Starting with the function of the main doctor at the 24th Olympic Games in Seoul (Korea, 1988) dr. Snyder took many responsible and prestigious positions, including: president of the FEI World Equestrian Games in Lexington KY (United States, 2010) whether the main veterinarian during the tournament Pan American Games, in the years 1991-2011.His rich knowledge and experience he shares gladly at international conferences and symposia. Dr. Snyder is usually is taking care of outstanding sport horses, and most of his patients are the horses gaining Olympic medals and world championship. As an active member of the FEI, he is the co-founder of modern veterinary legislation on sports events. Dr. Snyder leads the committees creating regulations to improve safety and the rules to follow in emergency situations during the competition. He works with trainers and riders, helping them to provide the appropriate conditions to keep the horses healthy during training and races.His many years of experience and clinical research puts him among the leading specialist building an image of contemporary hipiatria. For the first time he will visit Poland!

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